design element . texture

every designer in every design discipline is familiar with the elements of design-space, shape or form, mass, line, texture, pattern, light, and color. i plan on covering these elements sporadically throughout time.

lawrance received a handful of new fabric samples from one of our manufacturers. as i was putting them away in the design center, i got mesmerized by the textures. for some reason, throughout my education i steered away from the use of texture in my projects. i naturally gravitated towards the use of leathers and microfibers. although they worked for the modern spaces i was designing...i have grown to LOVE and understand the use of texture. texture can cool down or add warmth to a space as well.

texture is deterred by the visual feel and/or the physical touch of the surface of any piece--in reference to a sofa, dining table, wood flooring, carpet, tile, chairs, and even artwork. contrast with rough and smooth textures helps balance a space out for aesthetic reasons, which allows for relief and emphasis. excessive use of a smooth texture would call for a space that may feel too cold and unwelcoming. in comparison to an excessive use of a rough texture, a space may feel a bit harsh and uncomfortable.

the fun thing about texture is that it may be faux. some microfibers that are available at lawrance have a pattern that alter the visual texture from a smooth to a rougher texture without compromising the smooth and soft feel a microfiber entails.

balance and incorporate texture with the other elements of design skillfully throughout your home--and you'll never want to leave.


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